Thursday, October 23, 2014

Looks like I will be starting my radio show on in a couple weeks. Hershal Savage and I  will be hosting together every Thursday night @ 9 -11 EST. I would love to hear from you. Please call in and join the fun. The number is on the  front of  my blog. Enjoying my new world. Its going to be getting really cold soon. I will have to have a lot of hot sex to keep me warm. Love me some Big V. Went to an amazing castle for Canadian Thanksgiving. So glad to be alive in this era, absolutely dreadful except for the clothes and the grander.. There was no Michael Kors or Toms Dairy. Nov 5 TH Ron Jeremy and Lisa  Ann will be downtown being Roasted!!! got tickets, should be fun!. Brittney Andrews is in town soon , hope to take her sexy self to dinner. Had a blast with Jill Kelly when she was here. Im thinking of being a super hero for Halloween. Maybe Aqua girl.. Thoughts??? Peace! H

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I have so much going on its crazy!!! My first guest on the radio show is going to be Ms. Brittney Andrews!!!! OMG I am so excited to talk to her. She is an absolute legend and living doll!!!!!. Her and I go way back. She is a true great adult star. She is now a huge DJ and rocking the world with her amazing talent. Please feel free to call in to the show on Oct 17th and get involved, should be a great time. How can it not to hotties to tell all your sexy stories too and ask questions only an experienced porn star could answer!!!!!
  Lately on cam it feels like guys just want to sit and stare at me for hours I swear some guys are on my site from morning until I log off but yet they never go into a room. It just amazes me. Why be on a cam site if you dont want to spend money on the girls and have some c2c action. It blows my mind. If they only knew how rude they seem maybe they would stop. I'm done ranting!! On the lighter side Turkey day is coming and I'm going to have my first Thanksgiving here in my new country. I'm not sure how they do it here but I hope there is turkey and stuffing abundant. LOve ya H

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Well my pretties its been a wild few months and all I can relate it to is the movie"Planes ,Trains and Automobiles. I am now in a new country and loving every minute of it. I promise to get on here now that I am settled and start writing of all my new adventures. I am still caming and will be for a year or so. No worries on losing touch I am just a button away. Keep smiling for now and i will will be back!!! I am updating my  pictures as well as everything else daily. Please don't forget I have a new radio show starting Oct 17th from 7-9 pm every Friday night with two exciting guest weekly. You can listen or call in and be a part of the show. H

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hey all!!! I know its been awhile Ive been in hiding. I honestly just needed a break from all social media. I want you to know I love my fans and hope you are all well. Love H